Bringing heritage
into the hybrid age.

New audiences and new ways to engage – it’s a hybrid challenge. I create inspiring stories and exciting audience experiences fit for this challenge. Check out my work here!


My Services.

A journalist, author and content strategist with 20+ years experience, I create inclusive onsite and online engagement. From concept to clicks, I’m with you every step of the way…


What’s your story and why is it important? Answering these two questions is the foundation of meaningful interpretation – but is no easy feat.

I work with heritage organisations to find the answers. To go beyond the facts in order to connect with their community and build a wider audience.

My interpretation services begin with concept development that is founded on a rigorous process of discovery and feasibility assessment.


Content and experience are the expression of your story. Ascertaining their purpose and understanding the potential audience are key to engagement and experience.

Through audience analysis and goal mapping, I turn content into a powerful storytelling tool. My services in this field span collaborative copy development and editing, creation and production of digital media assets such as AV oral histories, and the design and build of physical, virtual, online and interactive displays and experiences.


Delivery is the final step to connecting with your community: It means developing a voice and expressing it consistently through your museum and across physical and online channels – the hybrid world.

I take your story from concept to community using tailored strategies delivered through web, social-media engagement, exhibition design and production, events and more!

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This Is Me.

Welcome to Blended Past by Gavin Clarke…

I’m an Airfix-generation kid and history geek whose mission is to connect those in heritage with their community and help audiences discover and enjoy heritage stories as much as I do.

I use interpretation and content strategy to achieve these goals – to bring heritage stories to life by making them relevant and engaging to as many different audiences as possible.

Innovation and technology face a hybrid challenge. They are complex subjects to present. Changing audience demographics create barriers to access, understanding and engagement. And, finally, many of those with lived experience are no longer with us to tell their stories. 

I tackle the hybrid challenge by putting the audience front and centre of interpretation and engagement while articulating your values, mission and objectives.

I put your objects, people and places in context and bring them to life through engaging experiences that resonate with your audiences.

In short: I build people-first stories and engagement.


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Working with newly researched materials, to a very tight schedule and limited budget, Gavin produced a thoroughly engaging display about the role of the Colossus decrypts in the run-up to D-Day.

The National Museum of Computing

We were delighted to have Gavin join our team for the Secret Spitfires book project.

Howman & Cetintas

Documentary Filmmakers

Congratulations, Gavin! You have not only fully justified the Spitfire but you have immortalised it.

Norman Parker

Spitfire Historian

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    Photo Credits: NOAA, Alex Iby, Daniel Eledut, Austrian National Library, Secret Spitfires & Joyce Kolk.