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Interpretation is evolving: it must reach to new and diverse audiences through content primed for the way they consume information. In the age of online and digital media, of print and live events, Blended Past works with partners to achieve this.


My Services.

Interpretation for the hybrid age means content that’s authentic and puts the audience first. Delivering that content – whether it’s to engage new or existing audiences, whether it’s for education, information or entertainment – requires an effective strategy…


Got a great story but need help telling it? Looking for inspiration or trying to connect the dots? A writer, collaborator and content strategist with 20+ years experience, I will work with you to design and build that story. Together, we will create a narrative that re-imagines the past for those who lived it and creates a fresh experience and a new understanding for all.


The choice of platform that delivers your story is important. A native of print, digital and events and a veteran of delivering creative projects, I will support your story on its journey to the audience. Whether it’s virtual tours, video, social media, events or printed work, I will build your story, drive online traffic and increase engagement – while you get on with the job of running your project or destination.


Hybrid heritage is not about the technology but it is 24×7. It also means being able to successfully identify your audience and put them at the centre of your heritage experience through relevant content. My workshops and training will help you meet these challenges. I will give you the know-how and confidence to build a content-driven, heritage experience that you can sustain.

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About Me.

Welcome to Blended past by Gavin Clarke: interpretation consultant, content strategist, editorial director.

I specialise in the stories of inventions, machines, people and places that changed society, shaped work, defined leisure and transformed conflict. I reimagine their stories: Not “how” or “why” they worked, but “why” they mattered, the impact they made, our relationship to them.

I have 20+ years’ experience in editorial and working with commercial clients on a range of research, writing, strategy projects – devising content that’s fresh, informed and current.

My work spans print, web, social media, digital exhibitions, galleries and events; I am an expert at driving online traffic – at growing social media traffic and engaging with audiences.

An Airfix-generation kid who became a technology writer and editor of Geek’s Guide to Britain, I possess a unique understanding of technology, science and engineering – and how to bring them to non-expert audiences. 

Let’s talk if you are a:

  • Museum or destination that wants to go deeper on a subject, or break out and grow
  • Consultant who wants to bring their client’s specialised subject to a broader or a more diverse audience 
  • Creative or a veteran with an exciting story
  • Work in education, exhibitions, outreach or marketing
  • An organisation re-assessing their web and social media

Together, we will create content for your story and a strategy for your content. That’s blended…


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Working with newly researched materials, to a very tight schedule and limited budget, Gavin produced a thoroughly engaging display about the role of the Colossus decrypts in the run-up to D-Day.

The National Museum of Computing

We were delighted to have Gavin join our team for the Secret Spitfires book project.

Howman & Cetintas

Documentary Filmmakers

Congratulations, Gavin! You have not only fully justified the Spitfire but you have immortalised it.

Norman Parker

Spitfire Historian

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    Photo Credits: NOAA, Alex Iby, Daniel Eledut, Austrian National Library, Secret Spitfires & Joyce Kolk.